- We need to have an opening ceremony for the factory opening.

- How about we organize a dinner to explain our products and services to important clients?

- We need to organize a dealer training for our dealers visiting us thanks to the exhibition.

- But how? How to organize a meeting among all the business talk?

- We can! We already do it often.

"Have efficient meetings, not stressful”

Sometimes, the best way to explain a product to your target group is to host them during a dinner, promote your product, hand out your catalogues and samples. And sometimes, organizing a training seminar parallel to an exhibition. Sometimes, you need to organize a symposium, plenary session or a crowded meeting to learn about the latest developments and talk about them.

As your marketing communication solution partner in Antalya, we are here for your all kinds of event needs. No matter it's a simple meeting organization, company picnic or a professional plenary session. We plan every aspects of meeting organizations with you, on behalf of you and conduct. What you will have left is achieving your goals with an efficient meeting.

What We Do:

  • Planning the meeting calendar
  • Choosing the venue, renting and preparing it
  • Invitation and banner designs and distribution
  • Individual invitation efforts
  • Press releases and organization
  • Providing stage, lighting, booth and necessary equipment
  • Designing and distributing the promotional merchandise
  • Security and cleaning teams organization
  • Purchasing the catering services
  • Tentsi security barriers, projection devices and generators
  • Photo and video shoot
  • Organizing the artist, dance team and speaker
  • Organizing the alternative shows and events
  • Press and media follow-up
  • Detailed reports after the event

What We Did:

2nd Solar Symposium:
RENSEF FORUM Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition 2013: 
Antalya Union Fleurs Plenary Session:
Hemel Meeting - Hotel Technical Facility Managers and Directors Federation:
Vestel Meeting - Hotel Technical Facility Managers and Directors Federation:
 Soil ID Meeting - Hotel Technical Facility Managers and Directors Federation:

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